Alcatel SP2503

User-friendly HD color display SIP phone with programmable paperless keys

Color display
Color display 4 SIP accounts
4 SIP accounts
Self-labelled keys
Self-labelled keys Enhanced keypad Enhanced keypad
Company directory Company directory
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A stunning color display
HD Sound
Self-labelled keys
A smart keypad
Headset connection

A tremendous color display

Information is clearly displayed. Enjoy the easy access to a variety of business functions through a vivid and colorful interface.
2.8’’ TFT display, 320x240 resolution

Self-labelled keys

8 programmable paperless self-labelled keys (up to 28 virtual keys)

A smart keypad

SP2503 keypad has been designed to quickly spot the most popular business features:
Put a call on hold very easily
Simple as a click to set up a conference
Straightforward call transfer: no one is lost
Listen rapidly to your voice mails

Company directory

SP2503 is fitted with local & network phonebooks.
Both directories benefit from a large capacity, thus allowing an enhanced contact management.