UK Digital Changeover

31 Janvier, 2022

Installing a new Digital Hub – Do you need a new phone?

The simple answer is an almost definite “No”.

…But you may wish to check the input available on your new hub as your phone now needs to be plugged into your Broadband Hub / Router and not your wall socket.

Suppliers such as BT, TalkTalk, Sky and some others’  new hubs / routers have a connection for the large BT telephone plug and the smaller RJ11 more commonly used in Europe, so you should not have any difficulty connecting your existing phone.

There are no problems with Alcatel Corded and DECT as they are tried and tested in the BT and TalkTalk Test labs.

Alcatel Home phones include a line cord for both BT type input and the smaller RJ11 connector so you can happily connect to your new Digital Hub or Digital Router whoever your internet provider is.

If you are vulnerable person that needs a phone line 24/7 you can ask your provider about battery back-up – just in case of a power cut effecting operation of Digital Hubs & Routers