Alcatel T78

The corded phone with large display and call block function

Call block Call block Large display Large display
8 direct memories 8 direct memories Hands-free function Hands-free function
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Alcatel T78, a complete corded phone, working without mains power or battery!

To no longer be bothered by unwanted calls, T78 is equipped with a call block function, allowing:

  • To block the calls one by one during or after an incoming call thanks to the dedicated key (up to 50-entry in the block list)
  • To only make ring the numbers stored in the directory (18 memories)

It is equipped with an extra-large easy-to-read display (dot-matrix), supporting features such as Caller ID type I and II*, new/missed calls notification, date/time display etc.

Share your communications thanks to the hands-free function with the large backlit key, and enjoy the large user-friendly keypad and the 18 memories: 8 direct memories and 10 two-touch memories to call easily your favourite correspondents.

In addition, T78 features a last 25 numbers redial with Caller ID*

T78 is an ECO friendly phone: it works without battery or power supply.

* Subject to availability of services and subscriber options offered by Operator.

8 direct memories

to call easily your favourite correspondents.

Call block with dedicated key

to maintain your tranquility at home.

Large easy-to-read display

for ease-of-use

Visual ringer indicator

to never miss a call