Alcatel IP2215

The 100% wireless IP DECT micro-system dedicated to small companies

4 simultaneous calls in HD 4 simultaneous calls in HD Full duplex hands free Full duplex hands free
Large backlit display Large backlit display 6 SIP accounts 6 SIP accounts
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Alcatel IP2215 is the IP DECT solution designed for small companies seeking for a true professional featured micro-system.


SoHo, craftsmen and liberal professions (such as lawyers, doctors ...) will have access to a bunch of features:

- Company directory

- Conference

- Call forward and transfer

- Voice mail

- Up to 4 simultaneous calls in HD sound

- Up to 6 phone numbers


The core of Alcatel IP2215 solution is composed of a cordless DECT handset and an out-of-sight base, which can be placed anywhere in the premises. As the solution is scalable and flexible, it accepts Alcatel IP30 deskphones, completely adapted to equip the offices of assistants and secretaries. For employees requiring more mobility, it's also possible to associate additional cordless DECT handsets (Alcatel IP15). Up to 6 terminals can be paired to the base.


Range can be extended by adding repeaters (Alcatel IP DECT Repeater). Up to 5 repeaters can be set in star configuration and up to 2 daisy-chained.

HD sound

Performance and efficiency are key success factors for companies. Don't waste your time anymore and communicate in HD.

Design your own micro-system

Alcatel IP2215 will comply with your company needs by pairing either deskphones (Alcatel IP30) or cordless DECT handsets (Alcatel IP15).

Further extend the range of your telephony system

Move around without losing the thread of your calls thanks to seamless handover and roaming, features offered by our IP DECT Repeater.


Secure your investments by purchasing a solution which is already IPv6 compatible.

Moreover, Alcatel IP2215 will perfectly fit in your company telephony set up thanks to its broad interoperability with many VoIP existing systems.