Alcatel F380-S

A compact and refined design

Hands-free function Hands-free function Backlit display Backlit display
50 names and numbers directory 50 names and numbers directory 20 incoming call log* 20 incoming call log*
VIP function* VIP function*
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You can place the Alcatel F380-S wherever it pleases you, even in the smallest places, thanks to its new compact design.  

You will be seduced by its refined look before being charmed by its excellent sound quality.  

The hands-free function enables you to pleasantly share your conversations or to continue what you are doing, allowing you full freedom of movement!   

The big pale blue backlit display will assure you a perfect readability with its dot-matrix characters, and the 50 names and numbers directory will help you call easily your favorite correspondents. The Alcatel F380-S also has a 20 incoming call log* with date and time, to check your missed calls.

Finally, you can recognize your privileged correspondents by the melody of the ringtone associated to their numbers, thanks to the VIP function*. Very useful!

Alcatel F380-S is also available in duo version to equip your entire house.

*Subject to subscription with the operator and with the availability of the service.