Alcatel F370

An incredible experience of design and colour !

Answerphone version Answerphone version Hands-free function Hands-free function
Backlit display Backlit display The VIP function The VIP function
Caller ID Caller ID
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You may find the soft lines of the Alcatel F370 hard to resist, but the excellent sound quality will sweep you off your feet!

The hands-free function makes it fun to share calls, or to move around freely and carry on with your activities.

The backlit display couldn't be easier to read, while the large-capacity phonebook (50 names and numbers) makes it simple to call your favorite contacts.

Finally, thanks to its VIP function you can identify your top contacts by ear, by associating a different ringtone to each number*.  

And if you opt for the answerphone version, you will be won over by its great ease-of-use, its control keys, and the message counter on the base.

The Alcatel F370 is also available in an answerphone version. Comes in 3 colours: white, blue and green. Versions with 2 or 3 handsets are available, to equip the entire house.

*Subject to availability of services and subscriber options offered by telecom provider.