Alcatel Conference IP1550

Small form factor, high efficiency

2 detachable DECT microphones 2 detachable DECT microphones 3 SIP accounts 3 SIP accounts
PoE PoE Bluetooth module Bluetooth module
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Alcatel Conference IP1550 is the perfect audio conferencing phone to equip your managers' offices or your small meeting rooms.

HD sound

Promise kept. Focus on efficiency with HD sound conferencing.

Detachable microphones

Increase and optimize the coverage of your audio conferencing solution with the detachable mics. Place them at your convenience to be perfectly heard and understood.

Worry-free installation

We offer a free redirection service, called APRT, allowing our SIP phones, including our SIP audio conferencing solutions, to properly work once set up. All the configuration is done prior to the installation. Take advantage of it.


Our audio conferencing phones are compatible with many IPBX and VoIP providers. Check the interoperability list in the "SUPPORT" section of our website.