Alcatel C250 Invisibase

Locate your handset where it suits you best !

Handsfree function Handsfree function 20 name and number directory 20 name and number directory
Backlit display Backlit display
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The Invisibase enables you to connect your DECT base near your gateway and locate your handset where it suits you best.

Go for the nice rounded shape design! The Alcatel C250 Invisibase is an easy-to-use product with dual colors. It has an excellent sound quality.
Extra feature: the dual charging position of the handset.

The hands-free function is made for the pleasure of sharing conversations, or to move around freely and carry on with whatever you were doing.
It offers a choice of 10 handset ringtones: 5 classical and 5 polyphonic.

The backlit display allows a perfect readability, while the 20-name-and-number phonebook makes it easy to call your favorite contacts.

Finally, thanks to the log of the last 10 incoming calls*, you will be sure to never miss a call.

*Subject to availability of services and subscriber options offered by telecom provider.


Thanks to the Invisibase

you can locate your handset where it suits you best

Handset with dual charging position

Choose if you prefer face up or back view