ePure Premium

Innovative cordless phone with answerphone, handsfree, dual display and unwanted call blocking, all in a timeless design

Call blocking 100 numbers Call blocking 100 numbers 30-minute answering machine 30-minute answering machine
Hands-free Hands-free 100 name and number phonebook 100 name and number phonebook
Hearing aid compatible Hearing aid compatible Long battery life Long battery life
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ePure Premium: Not only will it guarantee you smooth, high-quality conversations thanks to its advanced features, it will also enhance your living space!

Discover the many features that make it so easy to use!

Multi-function base unit: The base unit displays the date, time, caller ID* and number of messages on the answering machine. The Call Barring key lets you reject a call without having to pick up the handset. *Subject to operator service

Easy-to-use 30-minute answering-machine: Use the buttons on the base station to access the answering machine's essential functions directly. You can also consult the list of messages on the handset and directly choose the one you want to listen to

Handset with hands-free and high-definition display: Highly legible display thanks to white backlighting, high contrast and large characters. High-quality speakerphone for clear calls without having to hold the phone

Call Block: easily protect your privacy with manual (100 numbers with the dedicated key) or automatic call barring options, including anonymous calls

100 names and numbers directory: Mark your most important contacts as VIP with distinctive ring tones. Add extra handsets (up to 4 per base) and the directory will automatically copy to each of them

This product is available in black or white.

*Service subject to operator service.

Multi-function base:

Take advantage of an innovative base station, equipped with an intuitive screen and advanced features, to manage your communications. See who's calling and decide whether to answer, let the answering machine record the message, or reject the call and block the number.

Large display and intuitive menu:

Get the best possible readability from the large, high-contrast display with white backlighting. The high definition, adjustable font size and simple menu make it a pleasure to use.

Answering machine with control buttons on the base:

Access the answering machine functions directly from the base, with a 30-minute recording capacity and the option of filtering incoming calls. You can listen to the caller as they leave their message, and decide to pick up the phone if you want to take the call.

Selective playback of messages from the handset:

Access your answering machine's message menu directly from the handset to select the message you want to listen to first.

Block unwanted calls:

Control incoming calls with a block button on the handset and base, allowing you to block up to 100 unwanted numbers. Customise your use with three blocking modes: manual to block in real time, automatic to accept only contacts or VIPs and anonymous to reject masked numbers, ensuring security and peace of mind.

Directory and additional handsets:

Store up to 100 contacts, assign VIP ringtones and use the 3 speed dial keys to make calls easier.
Add up to 3 extra handsets (ePure Handset sold separately) and the phonebook will automatically be copied to each of them. They will be easy to locate using the handset search button and each handset can be named (kitchen, bedroom...).

Easy hands-free and recharging:

Go about your business without interrupting your conversations thanks to hands-free mode; the cordless handset sits wherever you like. Then simply place it back on the base in either direction for hassle-free recharging.


Preserves battery life and saves energy, while guaranteeing great autonomy (10h talk time / 100h standby time).
The system detects when the battery's charge level is sufficient and stops charging.
ECO mode reduces power consumption when the handset is placed on the base.