Alcatel F580

A complete phone with stylish design !

The hands-free function The hands-free function The big backlit display The big backlit display
The 50 name and number directory The 50 name and number directory The VIP function The VIP function
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All your favorite functions gathered in a sophisticated and modern design.

The hands-free function allows you to share pleasantly your conversations or or to continue what you are doing, allowing you full freedom of movement!   

The big pale blue backlit display insures you user-friendliness, whereas its 3 direct access memory keys (M1, M2, M3) and its 50 name and number directory allow you to call with simplicity your favorite contact.
Alcatel F580 offers a choice of 5 earpiece volume levels and 10 ringer melodies (with 5 sound levels + off).

With its VIP function, you can recognize your correspondents thanks to the different ringtones associated to their numbers!*

Alcatel F580 is also available in Voice version.

*Subject to subscription with the operator and with the availability of the service.

Works with standard rechargeable batteries 2 X 400 mAh NiMH AAA - 1,2 V (Incl.)